Terrium is a 3D multiplayer vehicular combat video game centered around world creation, freeform adventure, and a friendly community of gamers and developers.

  • Major World Editor Additions
  • Singleplayer Implementation (will help for testing out vehicles as their physics are improved)
  • UI Improvements
Download Here

It's not much more, but here's the progress since our last build.
  • Totally new vehicle physics system for the buggy, which is still being worked on. (The buggy's getting slippery again!)
  • World viewer/editor prototype (very glitchy, next build will have it ready)
  • Several updates with the authoritative server
On another note, Terrium will be featured at the national Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March at the RPI booth. So, we'll be wrapping up the beta release soon, producing a video game trailer, and then Kickstarting Terrium in time for it. Knowing that, you can expect this game to come together pretty darn quickly from here on out.


Terrium needs a front page, and now's a good time to make it. I've been overhauling some of the pages and am now working on making a front page for Terrium.

My idea is to begin with a layout similar to what Mars Explorer had: a catchy description on the left with links to play and some other stuffs, and an attractive slideshow with screenshots of Terrium on the right. Below that I am not yet sure what to put, but I am thinking of having a news feed on the left and the shoutbox on the right. Eric will be installing XenPorta so the XenPorta magic will go below.

The idea is that, when a newbie (who knows nothing about Terrium) comes to Terrium.net, they need to immediately know what Terrium is, and they should get interested in it, so that's why a breif description of Terrium, or Terrium in a pecan shell, plus a slideshow of images, should be the first thing they see.
Currently, when newbies visit, they land on this randu forum list and they don't know where they are or what Terrium is, and they have to do some digging and figure out what it is, but they'll probably just leave.

I want eveyone's input on this, so take a look at the page on Google Docs, and add your comments and suggestions. :D